Welcome to CPKniqht!

7 Apr

This post has been changed by the admin of this website.

Hey, guys! Welcome to CPKniqht! My website! Other publishers are in need of help. Compose me a message to joeydwalton@Gmail.com to become a pending publisher! Thanks again!

Kniqht, Administrator of the site and Director.

Official Mascot Chat Box Grand Opening!

21 Apr

Hey, guys! Cpkniqht here with some exciting news! We now found out how to post an “Xat” chat box onto WordPress! Amazing, isn’t it? Here it is!

CpKniqht Official Mascot Chat Box:

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Tests and Beta

21 Apr

Hey guys! Beta and Tests are out for the all new Swagbucks search engine at Footer Three! Check it out! If it’s not pasted right, let me know right away so I could fix it! Thanks again, Penguins!

Kniqht, The Swag Administrator and Bucks Director.


Dubstep Substance

18 Apr

This video is being re-made by the minute with an autoplay button.

Check it out, anyway:

Epical song, put it on your website, too!

Kniqht, Dubstep-playing administrator and music-listening director.

Dubstep theme for site

18 Apr

Hey, guys! Check out my latest post on the music I’m putting up for the website!

Thanks again!

Kniqht, legit administrator and spectacular director.

The best of this site!

16 Apr

The best of this site is ME! Haha! I’m not joking, though! The second best thing is probably going to be the SECOND publisher. Yep, no one has submitted a E-Mail to me yet. Kind of stinks. Anyway, two posts in one day is not that bad, nor’ good. And by the way, the THIRD best thing about this site is… EVERYTHING! Not kidding! Thanks again!

Kniqht, 15th division owner for Call of Duty: ELITE. Also, umm.. well, admin and director.

New Stuff has gone on, and on!

16 Apr

Hello, guys! Seriously, I now got the hang of this posting and blogging and widget thing! It is Epic! Yet, no one has E-Mailed me to ask to be a publisher. So, get your E-Mail in and you can be the winner of the SECOND publisher! SECOND publisher gets royalty: Mod to the Xat.com Chat, Gets to post on blog, edit posts, and many other things! Thanks again!

Kniqht, Awesome Director and Weird Administrator!

CPKniqht almost gives up*

8 Apr

This story has been deleted permanently to publicity.

Poll Page

8 Apr

The admin changed this page. You can now only see the link to the “Poll Page”.